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Crash Course in Research and Data Management


The QA Staff development in collaboration of the Research Center. The course comprised of eight modules conducted over a four week period spanning from the 5th of July to the 27th of July. The course aimed to introduce participants to the basic concepts of research and familiarize them with the different software and data management techniques available.

The modules covered included:
  • Introduction to Scientific Research
  • Literature Review and Management,
  • Study Design and Statistical Consultation,
  • Ethical Aspects of Dental Research,
  • Scientific Writing,
  • Epidemiology and Questionnaire Design
  • Biostatistics

The course had over 80 registered participants who attended lectures and hands on activities two days a week. The course speakers were Dr. Sharat Pani, Dr. Deema Al Shammery and Dr. Ashwin Shetty.

All speakers received copies of the lectures, software and take home material to help them with future research projects. The staff development unit will continue to provide this eight module course at regular intervals. Further courses with greater emphasis on hands on experience with statistics and epidemiology are also being planned.

The members of the Staff development unit are Dr. Tahani Al Rahbeni (Head), Dr. Sharat Pani, Dr. Deema Al Shammery, Dr. Kamilla Tawfik, Ms. Marietta Sorbito. The whole team acknowledges Mr. Crisanto and Mr. Jovan for the A/V coverage. And most of all the highly appreciation is giving to the supportive participants who attended continuously.









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