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Male Dental Interns Didactic Activity – Quality Education at its Best


The Didactic Activity for male dental interns was held on September 19 and 26, 2016 at the Muneseya Campus.

On September 21, Dr. Mashaan Al Harthy, under the supervision of Dr. Mohammed Alkurays, and Dr. Azzam Al Turki, under the supervision of Dr. Mahesh Shenoy, presented for Advanced Education. They discussed "Infection Control in Prosthodontics" and "Anomalies of Tooth Formation Alteration in Shape", respectively.

Dr. Ahmed Alqattan, Dr. Abdulrahman Alamri and Dr. Fares Alshahrani presented for the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Club and discussed about "Post Operative Bleeding Following Dental Extractions in patients Anticoagulated with Warfarin".

The panel for Advanced Education Seminar and Journal Club Presentation was composed of Dr. Lilibeth Lim Gaffud and Dr. Abdulrahman Saffan.

Dr. Ashwin Shetty and Dr. Abdulrahman Saffan, discussed Community and Research Project Preparation on the same day.

The last portion is the Treatment Plan Case Presentation headed by Dr. Bader Hussain. Dr. Abdulkareem Shamrani, Dr. Abdulkalik Al Salman and Dr. Amro presented their comprehensive cases.

On September 26,2016 at the Muneseya Campus, for the Advanced Education Seminar, Dr. Turki Aldaman, supervised by Dr. Nedal Abu Mustafa, presented "Complication of Local Anesthesia". Dr. Mufareh Al Amri, supervised by Dr. Mohammed Abdulbaseer, discussed "Metabolic Syndrome and Periodontal Disease" while Dr. Naseer Al Shanbery, supervised by Dr. Moath Al Qarni, talked about "Periodontal Plastic Surgery".

The panel for Advanced Education Seminar was composed of Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery, Dr. Lilibeth Lim Gaffud, Dr. Ashwin Shetty and Dr. Abdulrahman Saffan.

Dr. Ashwin Shetty and Dr. Abdulrahman Saffan discussed about the Community and Research Project Preparation on this day.

This activity is a continuous education session in order to widen the knowledge of the interns in the different fields of dentistry as well as to improve their clinical skills and mastery of dental procedures thru case discussion.









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