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Diploma in Implant Dentistry
Diploma in Implant Dentistry

1 Year Training Program in Implant Dentistry

This Implant Diploma Program is a one year (1) program leading to a certificate in Implant Dentistry. The program offers the trainee - dentist, a postgraduate dental education in implant surgery and prosthetics. The trainee, on successful completion of the program, should be able to diagnose, treat and manage implant cases as part of comprehensive treatment options.

The training staff in the program include eminently qualified Oral Surgeons, Prosthodontists, Restorative Dentists, Radiologists, Periodontists, Dental Technology and Implantologists. The availability of these specialists assures the quality of the program.

Design of the Program and its Implementation in four (4) quarters as follows:
  • The curriculum of the program.
  • Location of the courses during the training period.
  • Time Table.
  • Course Outline and Decription.
* Follow up and maintain the treatment that has been completed for the patient.

Admission Criteria

Applicants for this Diploma Course must meet the following requirements:
  • Be graduate of a Dental School recognized by the Saudi Health Council.
  • Be a qualified Dental Surgeon, registred and licensed to practice in Saudi Arbia.
  • Be covered by an indemnity insurance protection plan at the time of the program.
  • Have immunization against Hepatitis B.
  • Pass the admission test by RCsDP
  • Complete and signed the consent form to agree and accept all the rules and regulations of RCsDP.

Core Courses

The Core Courses are listed below and they reflect the current philosophy of training in Implant Dentistry for qualified dentists.

Lectures and Seminars:
  • Applied Head and Neck Anatomy
  • Integrated Advanced Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Radiology
  • History and Types of Implants
  • Perio-Prosthodontic Seminars
  • Surgical and Prosthetic Seminars
  • Treatment Planning Seminars
  • Pharmacology in Implant Dentistry
  • Photography in Dentistry
  • Literature Reviews

Laboratory and Clinical Sessions:
  • Implant Surgery
  • Implant Prosthodontics
  • Implant Laboratory Sessions
  • Implant Clinics

Learning Outcomes

A dentistist who successfully completes this Diploma Course would have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to:
  • Determine the most suitable or preferred implant treatment for the patient and therefore plan all the stages of tretament and bring them to a successful completion.
  • Discuss and communicate effectively with the patient pointing out the benefits of the preferred proposed implant treatment.
  • Carry out any implant procedures tat may be required to augment any deficient sites within the competency of the general dentist.
  • Carry out the surgical and restorative phases of the implant rehabilation, thereby, giving the patient the esthetic and functional restorations of excellent quality.
  • Follow up and maintain the treatment that has been completed for the patient.

Registration Fee:  500 SR
Tuition Fee:  80,000 SR

Registration Fee is Non-Refundable

Withdrawal of the Course:

- 2 months before the start of the semester - 50% refund of tuition fee
- At the start of the semester and onwards - full amount of tuition fee will not be refunded.

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